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Exaggerated risk of transmission of COVID-19 by fomites

Availability of diagnostics and antifungals, and training in their use, will reduce deaths from advanced HIV disease (by up to 30%).2 Mistaken diagnoses of pulmonary tuberculosis when actually the problem is a fungal lung infection will be averted. Implementation of these priorities will strengthen public health systems, support antimicrobial stewardship,9 develop clinician skills, and appropriately diversify differential diagnosis. New approaches have to be explored, such as the implementation of artificial intelligence, to address the shortage of health-care workers in the Latin American and Caribbean region, Africa, and southeast Asia. We anticipate that the enhancement, innovation, and increased integration of fungal disease diagnosis and management within the health system will benefit not only those with fungal disease, but also improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of the entire health- care system.

Article – Goldman, 2020 Exaggerated risk of transmission of COVID-19 by fomites

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